Coaching Services

Adult Private Lessons


Whether Beginners or Advanced Players, 1-on-1 training with our Coach is usually the fastest way to improvement.

Developing sound stroke techniques (lead to more Power, Accuracy & Versatility) Positioning, Footwork, Timing and Matchplay Tactics are key aspects in training.


1 Hour / S$ 130


Kids Private Lessons


Tennis is a great sport to introduce to your child as it promotes both Physical & Mental Health. We offer training for all Junior Stages from 4 years up.

Red/Orange/Green Balls are used to help kids rally sooner, have more fun and learn the tactics of the game from an early age on.


1 Hour / S$ 130


Group Lessons Kids/Adults


Looking to learn tennis with a group of friends and perhaps widen your social circle? Group Tennis Lessons would be the best way to learn and share the fun together. 

We offer group training for Beginners / Intermediate / Advanced Players at various locations in Singapore. Shared fees!


Semi-Private 2 Players / S$ 150

3 Players / S$ 180

4 Players / S$ 200


Cardio Tennis Sessions


Hitting, running, exercising on court to fresh music beats. Enjoy the cardio tennis workout by signing up with your friends to this special kind of tennis drill. We will keep your heartbeats up and entertainment levels high! Cardio Tennis Sessions can combine players of any levels. Max 4 Players, shared fees!




Professional Stroke Analysis


For the tennis geek inside you! Learn and understand the biomechanics of all major tennis strokes and make quick technical improvement with the help of video analysis and detailed corrections given by our Coach. For true students of the game!




WITS / LTS Team Coaching


Boost your WITS / LTS Squad with weekly team training sessions and climb up the league tables in no time! Our experienced coaches will prepare you for your competitions and find the right tactics to help you dominate your next opponent.







"My game is a lot about footwork. If I move well, I play well."

Roger Federer