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Meet Our Coaches

Singapore Tennis Coach Kris Germany

Coach Kris

A certified DTB Professional from Germany, Kris has taken over duties as Managing Director of Baseplay Tennis Academy in 2017.

As a strong believer in solution oriented coaching rather than overly stiff training regimes, Kris analyses his students existing skills before deciding on how to best add on to them - whether by technical, strategic or coordinative drills.

Because tennis players are only as good as the weakest parts of their game (Good opponents find and exploit these rather quickly), Kris understands that before turning any strengths into superpowers, it's crucial to eliminate faulty areas first!

Coming to Singapore in 2015 to coach full-time at the prestigious Swiss Club, Kris was heavily involved in the club's Junior & Senior tennis programs.

Back in Europe, Kris played competitively and coached for several years at various tennis clubs, schools and universities in Spain, Greece and Germany.

Kris is a Top 20 ranked player in Singapore's Premier STA Men's Open Category, which also makes him a great sparring partner for any advanced competition player.

Name: Kristoffer Bokern

Age: 34 years / 1985

Origin: Papenburg / Germany

Accreditation: Deutscher Tennis Bund

Plays: Right-Handed, One Handed Backhand

Coach Ash

Coach Ash

A true Singaporean local from St Andrews Secondary School, Ash has acquired his coaching accreditation from the Professional Tennis Registry P.T.R. as well as the United States National Tennis Academy USNTA.

In 2019 Ash has received his certification as a Junior Development Coach by the Australian Tennis Federation. 

An advocator of the game based coaching philosophy, Ash seeks to instill maximum passion and a desire to compete in his students. After all, there is no better way in finding out players' strengths and characters than putting them into effective game situations where they will learn most about themselves!

Ash is currently coaching in Melbourne, home of the Australian Open. Hpreviously coached at The Swiss Club Singapore and will resume coaching for our academy once he returns back from overseas.

Ash's on court energy, passion for the game and continuous desire to always get better makes him one of Singapore's best local tennis coaches at only 25 years of age!

Ash has coached and played competitively in Singapore and Australia and is the Founding Director of Baseplay Tennis Academy. 

Name: Ashgarvin Singh

Age: 25 years / 1994

Origin: Singapore

Accreditation: P.T.R., USNTA, Tennis Australia

Plays: Left-Handed, Two Handed Backhand


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